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Make the largest regional craft brewery in the north-west of Russia.

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About the project

Date of launch of the brewery
JUNE 2018
Planned investments
7 200 000 $

We want to set up the largest regional craft brewery in the north-west of Russia. At 18 months after the launch of the project the production volume will have exceeded 8.5 million liters of beer per year while the net profit will have reached the point of 13 million US dollars. By this time our beer will have been sold not only on the territory of Russia, but also abroad: in Finland, Sweden, Norway, etc.

Why are we doing craft beer

It all started with a few questions: “Why should the beer that we buy in stores be exactly this? Why should we like it? Is there an alternative? “

The answer was simple — craft beer. Beer, whose taste is limited only by the imagination of the brewer.

Further acquaintance with craft beer, its history and philosophy led to the desire to brew beer on its own, to create its own craft brewery.

Analysis and forecast of market

According to official Russian statistics for the year 2016, the total volume of beer consumption in Russia amounted to 7 940 million liters, which is 53 liters per capita.

The increase in the share of the craft beer market in Russia

The U.S. share of craft beer, at the end of 2016, has already reached more than 14%, or $24.5 billion. the craft beer Market of Russia is in the nascent stage and by the end of 2017, the market for craft brewing will be 6% of the total consumption in Russia is beer. Which corresponds to $1.4 billion 

According to expert estimates, by 2020, the market share of craft beer in Russia will exceed 14% or $3.6 billion.


Satoshi Brewery in the city of Murmansk, in Northwest Russia, in the building formerly used as an industrial building. It has all the necessary technical characteristics, has all the necessary communications.

3300 sq. m.
Brew line
4000 liters
Maximum brew a day
24 000 liters
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ZIP technologies

The equipment supplied by the company “ZIP technologies” will be the basis for the production complex in the Satoshi Brewery Plant. “ZIP Technologies” is one of the world's leading manufacturers of the brewing equipment for the craft beer production. At the present moment the company has implemented more than 170 successful projects.  “ZIP technologies” brewing equipment is produced using modern technologies and high-quality materials.

Classic ingredients without preservatives and impurities

The main feature of the production process is the brewing technology which eliminates adding any various preservatives and chemical impurities into beer.  Only classical ingredients will be used in production. It will allow getting a high-quality natural product that will differ from both bottled and draught beer not only by its rich and original flavor but by preservation of all the useful minerals and vitamins contained in beer.

The price of the main product
range varies

from 2.6 $/liter up to 3.5 $/liter

Marketing and sales

The development of the brand of craft beer - is a complicated matter. We chose the main channels of promotion:

  • Special projects and work with opinion leaders

  • Participation in "crafting" and many other events

  • We respect those who love us. SMM strategy aimed at increasing customer loyalty.

Craft beer "Satoshi Brewery " on the shelves of retailers will occupy an intermediate position.


Why did you decide to attract investment via the ICO?

Using ICO as a way of raising funds, SATOSHI BREWERY, will be able to maintain complete independence and to obtain the necessary investment for implementation. The blockchain technology, Ethereum allows you to build full transparency crowdsale and payment of dividends to investors.

The Structure of the Investment


Purchase of the equipment


Repair works in the premises


Pre-commissioning works


Establishment of the floating assets


Marketing costs

Why invest in our project

35% of the profits

Token SBL asset generating income in the form of dividends.

55% of the profits

Provided Token pay back.

1.2 US dollars

The primary emission of the token takes place at the price equal

At the same time according to the DCF methodology the company's predicted cost is equal to 1.44 billion rubles (24 million US dollars). In other words the cost of one token can be estimated at 2.4 US dollars.

There is a discount system (from 9 up to 44%) for the purchase of SBL token that is carried out on ICO.

The cost of our token is determined by the company performance that exists in the real economy sector. It depends on the change of the crypto currency value to less extent.

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The prospects of the project

After implementation of the project "Satoshi Brewery" we are planning to launch a new project, whose goal will be the creation of an entire infrastructure: the network of breweries and craft breweries bars that are open around the world and in which it will be possible to buy beer for an internal coin.

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Road Map

The Concept Development
The Project Development
The Launch of the Website
The Marketing Company
The Start of the Pre-ICO
The End of the Pre-ICO
The Start of the ICO
The End of the ICO
The Ordering of the Equipment
The Start of the repair works in the premises
The End of the Repair Works
The Supply of the Equipment receiving
The Installation of the Equipment
The Pre-commissioning Works
The Start of the Production
The First Dividend Payout
The First Token Buy Back
2019 — 2020
January 2019
The First Capacity Increase
January 2020
The Second Capacity Increase


Mass media


Andrey Leshchenko
The project founder
Has more than 8 year working experience in the real estate sphere. The founder of the company “MIС Real Estate”
Alexander Akhtyamov
The project manager
The responsibilities: marketing and project promotion
Alexey Brikunov
The financial manager
Has 15 year bank activity in risk management and financial analytics directions
Olga Burkova
The PR-Manager
The winner of the PR project contest by “Baltika” company
Vladimir Cherny
The chief brewer
Has more than 7 year working experience in brewing. 14 own craft beer recipes
Anatoly Babenko
The technical consultant
The specialist of automation production processes
Dmitry Kolbin
The lawyer
The corporate law specialist


Executive Director and Head Brewer at ZIP Brewhouse Ltd.
Experience: 20 years in brewing
Dmitry Nekrasov
Head brewer / co-founder at First Dnepro Brewery
Experience in brewing: 11 years in brewing
International marketing, communication, and sales at ZIP Technologies LLC
Experience: 8 years
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